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Save 50% on home insurance when you buy online!

Available to new customers who have been claim free for at least five years on their existing home insurance policy and who buy a yearís home insurance policy online*.

If you donít have five years no claim discount, you can still benefit from up to 20% online discount.

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Contents Insurance Covered
  • Household removal cover: we cover loss or damage to contents while they are being moved by professional furniture removers from your previous home to your new home.**
  • Manage your policy online at aviva.co.uk/mypolicy. You can even print out your documents online.Discounts on big name brands: reward yourself with great deals and discounts at aviva.co.uk/deals.Weddings and religious festivals cover: we'll boost your contents insurance by £3,000 in any month where you celebrate religious festivals, and for 30 days before and after your wedding.
  • Tracing and accessing leaks: if there's a water leak causing damage to your home we'll pay to trace the source of the leak and make good afterwards

Optional Extras
  • Extra Accidental Damage Cover
  • Protected NoClaimsDiscount
  • Legal Services
  • Home Emergency Cover
  • Pedal Cycles Cover

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